Welcome to the official website of Next-TI.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting our website.
Since its establishment in 2017, Next-TI has continued to make every effort to provide its clients with high-quality financial services, based on its many years’ experience and expertise in building and managing various IT systems in the field of financial. Today, as modern society finds itself in the midst of the Smart Revolution, IT is more critical than ever before in the development and innovation of finance and other industries. As we continue through this period of change, NEXT TI aims to become a global IT company that nurtures financial IT experts who will lead the innovative changes of the Hana Financial Group and stay one step ahead of even the latest technology. By emphasizing and cultivating a style of management that creates true value, Next-TI continues to evolve into a global IT company that continuously prepares for the future and never stops growing. Each and every employee of Next-TI is strongly committed to fulfilling the Hana Financial Group’s mission of “Growing together, sharing happiness” and pursues sustainable development and value creation for both Next-TI’s clients and society as a whole. On behalf of everyone here at Next-TI, I wish you success in your every endeavor and hope that we can partner with you as you pursue your own value of happiness.

Thank you.


Hugh Park.
President Director.

PT.NEXT Transformtech Indonesia.