Next-TI – SI Business

System Implementation Services

Our professionals will help our client to plan, implement and integrate our products to suit the specific needs of our clients.
We believe that each client has specific needs. With our professional years of experiences, we can advise and discuss together with the client to have a lean yet effective business processes with the use of our software.
With that we can implement the system fast and efficient to enable our clients achieve their business goals.

We are working with our business partners on many financial IT projects. There is also a wide range of Fin-tech projects going on.
A Saas-based project or a project involving a digital bank is also one of our most important roles.

The provision of various financial related digital solutions developed in Korea is also one of our most important projects. Many of the solutions developed by Hana-TI Korea are thought to be of great help to the development of financial IT in Indonesia.
We want to introduce our products to many potential customers as soon as possible.