Next-TI – Framework List

1. OLI(Opensource Light Interface)

Efficient, Flexible and Light interface solution;
Support various transactions(Synchronous, Asynchronous, Complex, Batch) between each external institutions and internal systems

2. PetaETL(Peta ETL Solution)

A solution for easier and faster processing of data extraction, transformation and loading

3. PetaTrans(Peta Trans Solution)

A solution that transforms personal information, load on test systems

4. PetaMig(Peta Migration Solution)

A solution that efficiently performs data migration between database servers

5. PetaILM(Peta Information Lifecycle Management Solution)

A solution that automatically transfers inactive data that is less frequently used

6. ESSM(Enterprise Security System Monitoring)

A solution that monitors the entire system, network and other resources

7. Digital-OPT(Digital One-Time Password)

A solution based on strong security and user requirements to provide a simple and secure OTP

8. INOAN(Innovation for Financial(Inovasi + Keuangan))

Global Banking system for Smart & Next-generation banking service

9. 1Q APT-TR(1Q APT-Training Solution)

A solution that provides services that enable you to create situations like real APT attacks by sending simulated e-mail

10. 1Q FIDO(1Q Fast IDentity Online)

A proven security authentication solution based on the PKI authentication system, which dramatically improves convenience and safety
by using biometric sensors and secure storage of smart devices

11. GLI(Global Lightweight Interface)

Integrated interface platform between systems and organizations for global banking systems and services

12. OpenAPI(Open Net Environment API)

An open platform for providing service provides’ internal services securely and effectively