Our Business

Our focus business is on Core Banking Systems, with so much experience in the financial and banking industries. We believe in achieving the utmost outcome for our clients and bringing the IT services of Banking industries above global standards by creating efficiency with fast and better technologies.

Banking Service Solutions

We provide a banking service system to connect your Core Banking System.

Banking Business Solutions

We provide a banking business system to supporting your banking product like internet banking, mobile banking, mobile app etc.

Groupware Solutions

We give our best solutions for your organization to support each member and submit an easy e-approval through the web or mobile app directly.

Banking Service Solutions

We offer innovative banking software solutions designed to help financial institutions streamline operations, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience. Our solutions are secure, compliant, and integrate seamlessly with existing systems. With comprehensive support and training, we are committed to helping institutions succeed in today’s digital economy.

Banking Business Solutions

We offer advanced banking business solutions designed to help financial institutions achieve efficiency, agility, and profitability. Our solutions include customer relationship management, loan origination, digital banking, payments processing, and risk management, and are built on advanced technologies. We prioritize security and compliance, and offer comprehensive support and training to ensure success.

Groupware Solutions

We offer innovative groupware solutions that enhance team collaboration, increase productivity, and streamline workflows. Our customizable platform includes email, board notification, document sharing, electronic approval and instant messaging.

PT. NEXT Transformtech Indonesia

Member of Hana Financial Group (HFG)
Jakarta, Indonesia

Head Quarter

  • Mangkuluhur City – Tower One 15th Floor
    South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta

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